Drop Down Menu Bar.


  Check out the drop down menu at the top of this page. It is very similar to the menu bars of most programs (e.g. your browser). The script works in Internet Explorer, in Netscape4, in Netscape6, and in Opera.
You can create the menu with 4 levels of depth. In every drop down menu item the submenus can have up to 20 links.

With the help of our "Menu Generator" you can easily create a menu for your site without knowing how to code any Java Script or HTML. Our "Menu Generator" easily allows you to change the style of the menu in about 5 minutes. Here we have placed the menu in a box, changed the color, font and size.
  • You can receive the script conditionally free. (At the end of your menu we added 1 point - "sponsors", see above.) 
  • Or, if you choose, for only $5 you can remove "sponsors" item.


generate free menu            remove "sponsors" item

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I plan to create the second version of a "Menu bar". Send your remarks and wishes.

If you want to reprogram your site for all browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape4 and Netscape6) write to us. Our prices - $ 5 per hour.

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